How are you using your public voice?

Allan GreggPolitical commentator and pollster Allan Gregg left CBC The National’s At Issue panel in May 2011, saying that he “want[ed] the latitude to get involved in issues and causes and express [his] views freely and unfettered of journalistic objectivity.”  In the 2011 Gordon Osbaldeston Lecture in November, that’s what he does.  Here’s how he ended it:

“In summary: Throw out the scripts. Talk to the people – really. Decide the three big issues and deal with them at length. End the ads. Stop sounding professionally pious. Speak from the top of your head and the bottom of your heart. And finally, tell us why your party is right, not why the others are wrong and evil.”

If you had the podium to speak your views freely and were unfettered by your job, what would you say?  As a citizen, what would you “go public” to change?  How does your work encourage or discourage participation in public life?

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