How do you put regret to work?

International journalist Kathryn Schultz regrets getting a tattoo but that’s not all.  In her 2011 TED talk, Kathryn considers the possibility that our cultural aversion to regret does more harm than good.  Regret, she says, is the “best worst feeling … it serves as a rich source of information about ourselves: about what we value, what we want most in life, how we believe we should act, and who we hope to be.”

Noting that most of us harbour regrets about education and career more than any other, Kathryn suggests that they do not simply remind us that we did badly.  They remind us that we know we can do better.  Read her recent essay or listen:

What regrets have proved most useful in your work?  What has helped connect the negative and positive to send “a little current of life” back into you?

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