How much work is too much?

“I am angry and I am sad that all around me good people must engage in the theatre of work above all to keep their jobs and ironically their families afloat,” wrote Ralph Benmergui a few days ago.  He’s troubled by how many of us give our all at work and have very little left over for anyone or anything else including ourselves.  Here’s his blog post entitled Your Money or Your Life.

With Cortney Pasternak, Ralph hosts a regular Friday night meal at their Toronto home for a random mix of acquaintances, friends, neighbours and relatives — a weekly sabbatical of sorts.  Their New Sabbath Project “opens the flood gates to dynamic, passionate, sometimes volatile conversations about life, love, religion, politics, community, society and more.”  Quoting Leonard Cohen, they explain that they’re building “a fence around the sacred” to protect and nurture it in their lives.  Tables like theirs help us take in a greater portion of reality, resist the temptation to give too over much of our lives to work, and refill our cups before they become dangerously empty.

How much is too much for you?  What causes you to overconsume work?  What helps you turn away from your ‘to do’ list and turn toward significant people, questions and activities beyond the fences of your work?

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  1. For Your Money or Your Life (Part 2) by Cortney Pasternak, go to:

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