Who are you when you’re unemployed?

Sarah Banks is looking for work but she is not unemployed.  She’s writes a blog about urban issues called sill pillow.  She serves on a citizens’ advisory committee on waterfront access and protection for the City of Burlington, and has been recently lobbying the school board in her hometown of Peterborough to reverse its decision to close her old high school.  She’s the mother of two busy boys under the age of 5.  She describes the trajectory of her vocational path as “slow,” as you will read in this blog post, but that’s not the speed that her friends or colleagues associate with her.

Sarah’s story leads us to wonder: who are we when we’re unemployed?  When we’re not standing on the platform provided by an employer, how do we see the connection between our work and vocation?  How are we seen — or not seen — within our culture?

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