We’re still too young to have a long list of “frequently asked” questions but here are a few that have come up more than once.

Is there a connection between the house at 1 and 3 Alpha Avenue in Toronto and this website?

No.  The current owner is in no way connected to this website or its hosts.

Do you recommend or promote individuals and organizations who offer programs, services or products for vocational renewal?

No.  On this website, you’re encouraged to share your experiences — whatever has worked or not worked for you in finding, renewing and keeping a connection between work and vocation.  A lot of information is available online from program promoters or providers and very little from program participants or beneficiaries.  We’d like to help create greater balance.

If you’re harbouring a question, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Send it to info[at]onealphaavenue.org and we’ll share our response here so that everyone gets to know us better.

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